Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

Om Nom Hunt until 30. März Part 2

Thanks again for the cute gifts and the very good organization!

Please remember to revisit the participating stores and see goods they have for sale. ^^

Om Nom Hunt until 30. März Part 1

You are looking for an Hamburger...

Stores: 32

Ich bin etwas früh dran, nicht alle Geschenke liegen aus... *g*

DANKE für die tollen Geschenke!!

Closing down sale

{DF} is taking a kind of hiatus.. So, for the next 2 days everything in store will be just 30L!!! Then after all will be gone buh byes!

Hope to be back sometime in the future :]

Enjoy the sale,

Darcy <3

NEWS from Inga Wind

*IW* Vanessa in Peach

*IW* Melody in Gold
*IW* Dayana in Black

thanks so so much Inga..

*huugs softly*

Tulips Hunt - Shopatorium at Gallinas until 7. März

Hunt for springtime tulips in and around the shops.




subgifts (check histroy)

#114 Update!!

LC's at Delirium

both gender

and there is a 50% sale at delirium!


Sn@tch Fake Fur Brown

Sn@tch Kitteh Parts Sable

Sn@tch Rollergirl Sox

Sn@tch Soulful Eyes Fatpack

all in the Lucky Chairs...


[LeLutka]-GIFT 28/02/2010
join group, check notices...
invite 0 L$!

thanks :)


(LC items)

there's a new addition to the lucky chair! Unfortunately if you missed out on the Zombie Maid and Lapine Plushie, they're gone forever... But are now replaced with~~~~

Last but not least, I've put some of my older dresses for sale for around 100-200L, they'll be moved to the back in a couple of weeks, so if you were waiting for the prices to drop on some dresses, now is your chance to pick them up!


Sanu OmNom Hairbow (subgift)
Sole Sister Flower Shoes ( 1 L$)
Hair with cap  (LB) : Liriope
Audrei Ballet Flats in wine: MM Board Ingenue


more MM Boards


danke für den Tipp, Mondi


*GF* GroupGift:::Off-shoulder Chiffon Tops -plain/green-


wie sagte Feli so schön:
"Ein Hauch von Nichts"

MM Board

Danke an Feli für die tollen Tipps!


all MM Boards from

!**Arwen's Creations**!

thanks for you help to lockdown the board!

Samstag, 27. Februar 2010


NEW LB at LVs & CO

thank you :)