Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

News from Poison!

>>>Poison<<< Pa-que shirt
many more colors!
Cooming soon!

Tp in Store 

thanks very much <3

NEWS from Inga Wind :)

*IW* Wallery in Blue

thanks very much <3

News from Blue Blood!

Dress: +++BB+++ Annabelle RED

skin: [Matrioska] by Blue Blood - Celina Skin

dress: Blue Blood - Rogue

skin: [Matrioska] - Celina pink - teeth

thanks very much <3

Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011

News from GizzA!

                                                             GizzA - Limited Couture Blouse

                                              you find it here


GizzA - Christmas Group Gift !!!!
(fee to join) 

Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

News from GizzA!

GizzA - Flawless Gown 

GizzA - Vodka in The Sahara

hint: add this great group fast!

thanks so so much, Giz <3

News from Creative Insanity

so sorry, i dont use the right viewer :/

The  ## CI ## Roller Skating AO  includes 22 animations sorted as follows:

- 7 stands
- 1 walk
- 1 run
- 1 Fly
- 1 Fly Up
- 1 Fly Down
- 1 Hover
- 1 Jump
- 1 Pre-jumping
- 1 Land
- 1 Fall
- 1 Sit
- 1 Ground Sit (comes in 3 heights, select from hud: _s for short avis, _m for average avis, _t for tall avis)
- 1 Crouch
- 1 Turn Right
- 1 Turn Left

Mesh Roller Skates are included in 4 colors. These are copy mod, even if they are mesh. You can edit them as you would with any regular prim or sculpt, as they are not weighted. Hint to edit mesh stuff: use select face option on edit window. To properly see mesh objects you need a mesh compatible viewer like Firestorm or official viewer.

Everything is copy / mod

thanks so so much, Ruy <3

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

News from Poison!

>>>Poison<<< Biker pants

many more colors for both gender! 

thanks very very much Corocota  

News from Blue Blood!

+++BB+++ Coppelia

many more colors

thanks very very much, ghanima

NEWS from Inga Wind :)

Juliette in Blue

Evelyn in Silver

thanks so so much inga!