Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

THE NEXT BEST THING HUNT 15th january - 12th february

Hunt for a light bulb!

Some of the gifts:

Darkfold Designs  -  Hellbound Roadster mini tip jar

Poised  -  Sweet purple outfit

Silk Dreams Fashions  -  Mini dress 

Soul Designs  -  Skin & shape & eyes  

De la Soul  -  Skin

 Viviane Fashion Mainstore  -  Bikini & flip flops

 Eclectic Firefly  -  Mini dress

 M&M CELTIC DESIGNS  -  Urban Assault Outfits, both gender

BeScene  -  Poseball "Protect her"

Ear Candy  -  Shoes 

The Kozy Kitty  -  Alley  cat box

[Acide!]  -  Punky elven ears  

G-series  -  Boots

Beautiful Disaster  -  Outfits, both gender

Just in the Nick of Time  -  

ESUGA  -  Skins

 Mall Point Prefab  -  Arelio  with color HUD

 Waffle!  -  Outfit  

Flutterby  -   Winter picnic

V for Valentine's Hunt 1.-28. Feb

Seek letter "V"

Inga is a part from this hunt :)
IW Naida in red

AND --- NEWS from Inga Wind

*IW* Nadine  in Red

THANKS inga /huugs


Seek  6 FILLED hearts in the store:
     1  *IW* Avril Glitch Pants
     2  *IW* Avril Shoe L
     3  *IW* Avril Shoe R
     4  *IW* Avril Shoebase
     5  *IW* Avril Skirt
     6  *IW* Avril Top
Only 6 of all hearts lying in the store have hunt pieces in their content.

Have fun hunting :)
Inga Wind & Derek Sienkiewicz

Montag, 24. Januar 2011

News from ## CI ## Animations

  includes copy/mod animated poses sorted as follows:

- 9 stands
- 2 walks
- 1 run
- 1 Fly
- 1 Fly Up
- 1 Fly Down
- 1 Hover
- 1 Jump
- 1 Pre-jumping
- 1 Land
- 1 Fall
- 3 Sits
- 3 Ground Sits (each one comes in 3 hip heights, low, med and high; ideally, short avis which tend to sink on the ground when using ground sit should use the 's' version of the ground sit, while tall avatars which tend to float over the ground should use the 't' version)
- 1 Crouch
- 1 Turn Right
- 1 Turn Left


All anims are copy / mod so the best thing to do first after gettin the ao is rezzing it in the ground, somewhere you can rezz, right click the hud, edit and drag all anims from the contents tab to your inventory, just in case.

You can also rename them and of course use the anims in your own custom ao. Just remember that, if you re using ZHAO-II, dont rename anims with spaces or special characters such as # or %, otherwise the script may fail to read them.

In the description of some anims, mostly where its relevant (the stands), you can find their duration in seconds, in case you want to add them to your custom ao and time them properly.

thanks very much :))

Dress: new groupgift from *Lunas boutique* BillyJane Dress
(join group check notices)


Today +++BLUE BLOOD+++ presents "Tuesday"
a Gothic outfit that we could call "anime inspired"? because, I don't know, the shoulders make me think of cute anime costumes =P
as always at Blue Blood, not only you get excellent hand drawn quality, you also get versatility: the outfit comes with 2 skirt types

thanks very much :)

NEWS from Inga Wind :)

*IW* Nadine in Peach

thanks very much :)

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

News from Blue Blood!

+++BB+++ Tisiana WhiteGoth - New Release!

This week +++BLUE BLOOD+++ brings you the WhiteGoth version of the Tisiana Dresses.  Each dress comes with exclusively sculpted juliette style romantic sleeves, 3 skirt types plus all clothing layers on all possible layers.
They are hand drawn and painted in exquisite pastel colors combined with white and touches of black.

Remember all group members get access to the group only color (Lilac this time) plus 50% discount on fatpacks


Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

Baby is Cold Outside Hunt ~ 14th January - 14th February 2011

Baby is Cold Outside Hunt

Starts January  14th - February 14th

The Hunt will Start  HERE
For more information on the Hunt please visit us at

To join Flirty Hunters Group please either touch any one of the signs 
or ask Aeron Aycliffe for a group  invite.

Some of the gifts:

02 - Snowflake chair  -  Natas Designs
04  -  Furniture  - PRIME

05  -   Furniture  -  Park Place Home Decor

14  -  Floating outfit  -  Les sucreries de fairy

15  -  Relaxing candle  -  Wicked Garden
16  -  poses  - Purple Poses

18  -  Shirt  -  Static Clothing Co.

23  -  Mittens  -  Kis Kis
11  -  Outside cuddle fireplace  -  Black Cat Bones Fashion and Desi,

25  -  Igloo  -  emPathy

Montag, 17. Januar 2011


Paris Metro: Emerald Avalon Cocktail  + Jacket

News from Gizza

**GizzA** Warm Touches Black

thanks very much :)

Ooh Poop! Hunt 13.Jan-12.Feb

UPDATE! - If you havent heard by now the Oh! Poop Hunt was cancelled but not forgotten. I am going thru a RL divorce and I took sometime off to get myself back to where i was before the chaos I call my life. Anyways I am still working hard and fast to get the hunt going as I was looking forward to it as well. Sorry for the mess, please have patience with me.

 #Before Sleep#

 1 Duh
2 DivaLicious
3 Grumble

 Genira Fantasy Roleplay

3rd Proposers Hunt 15.Jan-15.Feb

hier nur wenige Bilder der Posen Hunt


Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Royal Tea Party Hunt 15.Jan-15.Feb

Buy a HUD - 200 LS
find all teacups (with gifts) and  you become many more prizes at the end!

nur eine kleine Auswahl - Geschenke am Ende der Hunt wenn HUD ganz gefüllt ist:

uff.. hoffe die Eindrücke genügen euch 

viel Spaß!

(nicht alle Geschenke gezeigt!)