Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

RBZ Design Egg Hunt

Find 20 eggs (7 male 13 female) buy for 0L for some terrific gifts. Thanks to RBZ Designs!

*: Lo*momo :* meets *Filigreemotion* & ~Fadeless~


join group and check notices
male hair also as a gift in notices

dress and basket - Group Gift *: Lo*momo :*

*AB* Furniture

left - Group Gift
right - 0L$ Gift at the entrance

Spring Shower Hunt 41 - 50

Thanks to Uli, he had a lot of fun. ;)

Spring Shower Hunt 31 - 40

[Frick] Easter Egg Hunt

Find 8 not so hidden eggs and buy for 1L each for some fab skins and a cute mini-dress at [Frick]

YAY thank you!

Equilibrium Design Hunt and many more!

all what you can see is from 

Find 4 eggs
join the group and grab the gift
toch the MMboards for both gender
and find the other items from the
BTBH and MHOH Hunt
and add the Store in your Profil, nice gift too!

thanks very much :)(:

50 % off Sale at Ibizarre

yeah :)))

all at the first floor, until tomorrow..

50% .. alles in der unteren Etage
heute und morgen

und geschlossen wegen Umbau am Freitag...

Bella Morte Mini Hunt

Find 4 dollarbie eggs at Bella Morte

Garden of Eve Dollarbie Hunt

easy to find 18 hearts each 1 L$ all items are transfer..

happy hunting

Sword fish Hunt until 11. April

This house is your prize!
very nice!
Thanks very much!

First wear the HUD
search 10 pigs 
find the big pig and clam your prize...

Die vielen Tränen, die du geweint,
die niemand gesehen, so es scheint,
sind alle gesammelt in einem Krug,
erst wenn er voll ist, ist es genug.

Die Tränen sind nicht ohne Sinn,
sie können werden zum Gewinn;
denn wenn dein Herz schreit, bist du nah’,
d e m , der immer für dich da.

*an dich denke*

Dienstag, 30. März 2010

*FI* Kitteh Kick! tophat (dollarbie)

.::CStar::. Miss April Special Edition Skin 2010