Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

New Mini Hunt at Angelwing until 2. August

they are sets of wings and there are 11 pieces set out throughout the shop.

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

New from NV

outfit: NV - LOLLE

thanks isiss bade :))

necklace: gabriel (groupgift in store)

Montag, 26. Juli 2010

hair with cap: NEW from NV 
thanks isiss :)

skin:  Baiastice (groupgift, join group check notices)

Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

Around the Vortex sci -fi Hunt - nur noch heute!
















20 weiße sterne können gefunden werden.


*IW* Summer Hunt 2010

Seek  8 FILLED petals in the store:
     1  *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Glitch Pants
     2  *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Gloves
     3  *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Magic Wand
     4  *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Shoe L
     5  *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Shoe R
     6  *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Shoebase
     7  *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Skirt
     8  *IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Top
Only 8 of all rose petals lying in the store have hunt pieces in their content.

You can buy parts of outfits not included in hunt:
*IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Additional items for 300 L:
*IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Earring L
*IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Earring R
*IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Necklace
*IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Tiara
*IW* Summer Fae in Fuchsia Wings

Have fun hunting :)
Inga Wind & Derek Sienkiewicz

thanks inga :))

hair: Wot? hair gift (SOM)

Govil - Pearl Flower Jewel (LB)

hair: govil (LB)
shorts: Bukka (LB)

hair: govil (groupgift in store)
dress: honey (LB)

shirt: M*Motion (LB)
bermudas : shiki (groupgift in store)

PatchWork (MMboard and profil pick gift)
complete outfit with boots
both gender!

skirt:  Petunia only this weekend (1L$)

The gear+the scroll hunt / elisabeth's martini hunt

hair: beautiful dirty rich (MM board)
top: snatch (the gear +the scroll hunt )
pants: elisabeth's store (martini hunt)

Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

hair: beautiful dirty rich (MM Baord)
skin: Rockberry (LB)
top: Honey (LB)

hair: govil (LB)
skin and top: cupcakes (LB)
necklace with earring: primalot free
belt and shoes: MM Board patchWork
pants:  TuttiFrutti

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Drεssing λphroditε - Car Wash sale Event

  Drεssing  λphroditε is also part of the ongoing Car Wash sale Event, and here is a preview at some of what is being offered at the  Drεssing  λphroditε cart.
Price of each item on sale is 10L.

thank you :)

New from NV

thanks isiss :)


+++BLUE BLOOD+++ Has a new release this week. This set of outfits is called Diva and it's absolutely gorgeous!. The silky fabric will highlight your figure in such a sexy way that everyone will want to look at you!


thanks gani :)

Inga Wind - News!

*IW* Forest Nymph in Fuchsia

*IW* Jane in Blue

Thanks so much.. huugs softly :)

Dress: free Angelwing

pants: DAMA (SOM gift)
[BUKKA] Arm Cuffs (LC)

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

summer of love fair - freebies (show not all)

klickt auf die Fragezeichen (gelb,grün,rot,blau) in den unterschiedlichen Räumen.

Tp to Fair

skin : NuNu (SOM gift)

MB - profil pick gift

left to right - hair:

Mini Hunt at Angelwing until?

findet 8 weiße Flügel für dieses tolle Kleid - Angelwing
Haare: free Analog Dog

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010


tp to
find the tavern, grab a basket, then  find the ten coins. TP back to tavern when you
found them all, click again on the basket giver and it will  give you
the prize - an apple filled with  an animated posestand, a photo studio, an animation HUD
and an elven sword...

3 Hunts at Loco Pocos

Es laufen drei unterschiedliche Hunts bei Loco.
5 Teile müssen gefunden werden um diesen Avatar zu erhalten.

hair: (part from outift) - LB syaka
cardigan: groupgift mustache (join group check notices)
top: LC Doux and check the SOM (many gifts)

Dollarbie - Vogue

Coco (new groupgift in store)