Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

MM Board - Dilly Dolls

Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

skin: cupcakes (join group, check notices - + invite!)
coat: Azul (groupgift in store)

 Dream Things (LuckyChair)

Dress: Latte (LB)

G.Field: Ruffle Bolero (SOM gift)
Bublee Bing: pants Tweed Green

only today - *elymode* gift @ sn@tch city

amaama (LB)

Shabby Tabby (groupgift in store)

LeopardPants and Sacred Wood Parure free - Beatnik

Top: Paradisis (free)

*Mayden couture* Bare feet Profile pick GIFT


[+&C+] Rollup Black Jacket (LuckyBoard)

jacket: Kloka (free)

S@BBIA (new LB)
Thanks :)

top (in different colors): free Crazy
earrings: EarthStone (MM Board)

Dienstag, 28. September 2010

hair: new Magika (free)
dress: Hal Hina (groupgift in store)
Hair accessory:  World's End Garden

hat: Coco new groupgift in store
bag and pants: new poison

Mini Hunt @ Carrie's Lingerie until 31. Okt.

Carrie's Halloween Hunt
Find the 5 pumpkins hidden in or around Carrie's main store.

The White Armory (groupgift in store)

Gor Girls  (join group, check notices)
dress comes in different colors!

leggings: Luce (SOM gift)
bag: DUH (LC)
shoes: Blackburns Boots (free)
scarf: Mr.Poet (free)

Skin: SOM gift Candy Doll
Posen: SOM gift dfo!

loveme.Flower leggings [FREE]

bag: NEW Poison
top: Jazumi (SOM)

Montag, 27. September 2010

Curious Kitties - Hair and Skins (groupgift in store)
(skins in many tones)

Oktober Huntliste


Grid Wide Hunts:

01 The Stalker Adult Hunt 1.Okt-14.Okt - start - bilder
02 Bats&Cats Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
->2 HalloweenPaths: Bats=Textures, Cats=Buids 'n Stuff
03 Fall Into Madness Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
04 Grimm Halloween Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
05 RFL Wild Wild West Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
->man muß mind. 200L$ bezahlen/spenden um an der Hunt teilnehmen zu dürfen
06 Ghost&Goblin Kidshunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
07 Blame it on the Pop Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
08 Hunt of the Living Dead 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
09 Pumpkin Prints Hunt2 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
10 Pure as Lace Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
11 Diversity Treasure Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
12 We Are Connected Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
13 Home for the Holidays Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
->4Path Hunt: Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzza
14 Dipped in Chocolate Hunt 1.Okt-31.Okt - start - bilder
15 Hallow's Eve Hunt 1.Okt-1.Nov - start - bilder
16 The Hotest Halloween Hunt 1. Okt - 31. Okt - start - bilder
17 I Love Tim Burton Hunt 4.Okt-4.Nov - start - bilder
18 The Unknown Hunt 9.Okt-5.Nov - start - bilder
19 Wheel of the Year Samhain Hunt 11.Okt. - 1.Nov - start - bilder
20 Fashion and Decor Affair Hunt 14.Okt-14.Nov - start - bilder
21 Spooky Hollow Hunt 15.Okt-15.Nov - start - bilder
22 Addicted to Halloween Hunt 15.Okt-15.Nov - start - bilder
23 Natures Hunt Haunted Forest 15.Okt-15.Nov - start - bilder
24 RP Real of the Year Hunt 22.Okt-22.Nov - start - bilder-
25 Black&White Hunt 23.Okt-21.Nov - start - bilder

Sim/Store Hunts:
Not Another Hunt Hunt 1.Okt - 17. Okt - bilder
B Vels Boutique - Delicious Blood Hunt 1.Okt - 31. Okt - bilder

(FDD) September Group Gift

hair: .+*HS*+. Group Gift in Store
*Lunas boutique* : Bodysuit (join group, check notices)


NEW - MMboard Mariposa: Outfit - Noche
Skin: Cupcakes (thanks for help - MMBoard)

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

CdC Fashion deLuxe (groupgift in store)

ty for the hint midori :)

MM Board  @ Digital Knickers

Weekend Gift from Aree Lulibub :-)

skirt: Petunia

top: *elymode* group gifts (150 LS invite)

hair: Amacci 
two more Free Hairs to the freebie corner of the Hair Store.

necklace and spoon: Le*o+o

M*Motion hunt

you are looking for:

insinde and outside

all prizes:

Mushroomhunt at Psychotic Neko

 It's starts at 21st of September and goes on for 4 weeks

you are looking for mushrooms

Stores that are in the Psychotic Neko hunt:

Psychotic Neko 4 mushroom
Shitz N Giggles 1 mushroom
Ema's 1 mushroom (Mainstore. There are signs on the mall leading to her store)
[Razorblade] Designs 1 mushroom
Mortality Clothing 1 mushroom
Pink ? mushroom
The Scuzzy Kitten 1 mushroom
Blow-Up 2 mushrooms
Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry 1 mushroom
Stupid Girl Designs 1 mushroom
CloudWhat? 1 or 2 mushrooms (suprise)
Tara 2 mushrooms
There are also 2 presents hidden in the psychotic neko club
and there are 5 more mushrooms at the 7seas pool..

(info from the NC)

skirts:  Blow-Up
tail and tongue:  Psychotic Neko 
shirt:   Candy -Clothing

shirt: Trapped
no part from this hunt (find that key mall hunt)

tattoo:  Mortality Clothing


fur leather jacket and pants: BUKKA (Luckychair)
boots: Mz Studio (camping)