Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

NEWS from Blue Blood

 +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Releases Morena <3

Morena is a set of dresses that I had been wanting to paint for a while now, the sketches sitting in my sketchbook by the nightstand =P
While it comes with a lolita skirt, the style resembles more to the old school Goth Blue Blood did in its beginnings. Besides the lolita skirt, it comes with a long gown skirt, with a draped back. The open chest is sexy but tasteful, and the fabric has been painted to resemble worn leather. Everything has been hand drawn/painted with love, care and attention to detail <3

 +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Presents "Tisiana"

Tisiana is a wonderful set of dresses, that comes with lovely sculpted juliette style sleeves, and 3 different skirt types for you to combine to your satisfaction. The textures, as Blue Blood always offers, are top quality hand drawn/painted fabric-like realistic textures. Romantic yet edgy, with straps and lovely deep colors, Tisiana is a must for all lolitas out there <3


thanks very much :)