Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

THE NEXT BEST THING HUNT 15th january - 12th february

Hunt for a light bulb!

Some of the gifts:

Darkfold Designs  -  Hellbound Roadster mini tip jar

Poised  -  Sweet purple outfit

Silk Dreams Fashions  -  Mini dress 

Soul Designs  -  Skin & shape & eyes  

De la Soul  -  Skin

 Viviane Fashion Mainstore  -  Bikini & flip flops

 Eclectic Firefly  -  Mini dress

 M&M CELTIC DESIGNS  -  Urban Assault Outfits, both gender

BeScene  -  Poseball "Protect her"

Ear Candy  -  Shoes 

The Kozy Kitty  -  Alley  cat box

[Acide!]  -  Punky elven ears  

G-series  -  Boots

Beautiful Disaster  -  Outfits, both gender

Just in the Nick of Time  -  

ESUGA  -  Skins

 Mall Point Prefab  -  Arelio  with color HUD

 Waffle!  -  Outfit  

Flutterby  -   Winter picnic