Montag, 24. Januar 2011

News from ## CI ## Animations

  includes copy/mod animated poses sorted as follows:

- 9 stands
- 2 walks
- 1 run
- 1 Fly
- 1 Fly Up
- 1 Fly Down
- 1 Hover
- 1 Jump
- 1 Pre-jumping
- 1 Land
- 1 Fall
- 3 Sits
- 3 Ground Sits (each one comes in 3 hip heights, low, med and high; ideally, short avis which tend to sink on the ground when using ground sit should use the 's' version of the ground sit, while tall avatars which tend to float over the ground should use the 't' version)
- 1 Crouch
- 1 Turn Right
- 1 Turn Left


All anims are copy / mod so the best thing to do first after gettin the ao is rezzing it in the ground, somewhere you can rezz, right click the hud, edit and drag all anims from the contents tab to your inventory, just in case.

You can also rename them and of course use the anims in your own custom ao. Just remember that, if you re using ZHAO-II, dont rename anims with spaces or special characters such as # or %, otherwise the script may fail to read them.

In the description of some anims, mostly where its relevant (the stands), you can find their duration in seconds, in case you want to add them to your custom ao and time them properly.

thanks very much :))

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