Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

NATURE HUNT ~~~*** When Roses Turn Black ***~~~ 1st - 28th feb 2011 - part 1 -

This is the rose of forgotten emotions,
of the tunnel carved by the grieving heart,
nurtured in silence by the garden of graves.

Rain of minutes is held in its leaves,
anatomy of time made of human blood,
forgotten pure souls in its petals shall breathe.

Dark beauty blooms so fragile and wild,
in the tender hands of the artist child,
a beautiful soul in the road once forgotten.

As talented artists we all born,
forgetting it all as or minds get old,
let's all make a pause at this stage of the road,
for the innocent artist we shall return,
the little one holding the black rose.

The Nature's Hunt is proud to present When Roses turn Black! 

The hunt will be taking place from 1st February  - 28th February 2011

Hunters, join the Nature's Hunt Hunters Group by clicking the sign 
and get the latest updates and hints in this unique hunt. 
 It is free to join and you can use the group chat to get help during the hunt.  
If you cant join the group you can still do the hunt :)

Why participate in this hunt? That's easy, your up for a challenge and it's fun! 
You get to see new and wonderful shops and sims all in 
 Nature's theme. You will come across some amazing sims 
that you may have not been aware off.  Most of all, you will find
 some fabulous gifts, from our very talented and amazing creators here in SL.

Find all the Black Roses and collect your amazing gifts,  make sure you get them all! 
Explore the participating sims and dont forget to wear warm clothes!

Some of the gifts: 

01  Garden swing  -  The Sacred Flame 

02  Raft  -  Casa de Zen

03  Outfits for male & female  -  Kastle Rock Couture

04  Tee with sit animations  -  MiChiGaNs ShAcK

06 Painting black rose  -  DeSiGneR KiDz Store

07  Shirt  -   * PsychoTroPia *

10  Tears   -   Mae Fairy Tale

11  Armore & hutch  -  Billy's Paradise

13  Poseblock  -   Loka Design

18  Black rose painting  -  DragonLady Designs

20  Grungy valentine wall art  -  Khargo

15  Log Lounger Picnic Area  -  Asters Builts

17  Outfit  -   *~ B & D ~* Breathtaking & Divine

19  Black valentine skybox  -  Dreamscapes Art Gallery

21  Lantern set  -  T R I D E N T  Mainstore

23  Graveyard Glory Sex Equipment  -  BOUND & BITTEN

26  -  Dead rose ( "The End" )  -  ZOE'S GARDEN

28  Garden Cart/Deep Red Roses  -  Garden Oasis

22  Black rose panteon  -   A&A Designs from the heart

24  Blood pool  -   [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] Mainstore

25  Heart jammies  -  Coull Creations

27  Romance rug  -  QQ Creations

29  Fountain & climbing roses  -   *Ethereal Nature Collaborative*

34  Fireplace  -  VISIONS GALLERY

31  Hearts cloak  -  Suki's Silks at Hanbok

35  Cuddle tree  -  HOUSES FOR YOU

46  Anti-valentine-picture  - Celtic Wolf

37  Cemetery  - emPathy

42  Beach set  -  Casa de Zen

47  House  -  -JJ Design

48  Neko ears & tail  -   ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~

54  Outfit  -  *** JAZMYN D ***

55  Black rose picture & candle  -  Rehatched

57  Lost love picture  -  DARK VISION MAIN STORE

66  Roses arbor  -  Hearth & Home

67  Well & pines  -  ::: Roawenwood ::