Sonntag, 13. März 2011

News from Blue Blood!

Today +++BLUE BLOOD+++ Releases "Florence".

Florence is a versatile outfit that, as most of Blue Blood's garments, can be worn in many , many ways. The posters will show you some of these, but there are many more, since the outfit is combinable with other outfits, as every piece can be worn separately in every possible layer. The sculpts are custom for this piece, and everything has been hand drawn/painted with great care and attention to detail. The 3 main wearing options range from a very intricately designed dress which features vibrant colored cloth covered in a laced leather corset, a more colorful looking less intricate mono-color dress, and a very sexy and daring lingerie piece formed by a laced up open front corset with golden details, long stockings and lovely gloves.

thanks very much :)