Samstag, 24. April 2010

Twilight hunt until 30 April


Krazie Kreations

Rainbow Connections

Aiden's Closet


The Meadow Clothing


Hey Everyone!
So we have a suprise for you all!
At the Onestop Twilight Shop, Were having a twilight hunt!!!

All shops will be setting out 1-4 items for you to hunt for, they will be all around the mall and in shops at least two of the items will have to do with twilight the others can just be stuff they sale or specially made for you!!

The stores are:
*BOOF*   (i found 4)
Krazie Kreations (i found 4)
[Rainbow.Soup] (i found 4)
Aiden's Closet  (4 gifts found)
SE* Designz  (4 gifts)
NLimbo  (2 gifts)
TNGG Designs (found 2)
and 2 gifts from The Meadow Clothing

The hunt starts April 22nd and runs through April 30th!