Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Happy EarthDay BirthDay To... Peter Frampton, Glen Campbell, Paul Carrack, Ryan Stiles, Sheryl Lee,  Jack Nicholson, and ME!!!  Yep it's my RL birthday and I'm celebrating with some BRAND NEW GROUP GIFTS and a FREE GROUP JOINING DAY!!   Woot!! 23!   ... Again!  *ahem.. coughs...*

And here are the new group gifts featuring a little Earth Day.. and a whole lotta Birthday Birthstone.. it's a girl's best friend!! ;) AND I'm offering free group joining 'til midnight tonite, so tell friends and come on by for these fantastic free gifts! Oh and maybe buy yourself a little something today too? It's my birthday! :)

Just look for the table with the bloonz on it, right next to the customer service desk :)

xoxo ~ Abraxxa