Sonntag, 2. Mai 2010

STRAWBERRY HUNT 1st - 14th of May 2010

Strawberry hunt is a nice little
hunt with 15 locations. You need 
to find a red sculpted strawberry
to get your prizes. 

Outfit  by  Ami Style Design

Outfit  by  Fuzion fashions

Necklace  by  Glare

Hair ( 4 diffrent styles)  by  Hairy Situations

2  outfits  by  ~*marret*~ 

Undies  &  animated  strawberry  by  +mocha+

Skin  by  LuALL
Shape  by  M&M Body shapes

John  Lennon  pants  by  *TuttiFrutti*
Shoes  by  [Muted]

Strawberry pants  by  *TuttiFrutti*
Shoes  by  *Rave*


1) TD Tahani Design

2) *RavE*

3) [Muted]

4) Ami Style Design

5) +mocha+

6) Angelic Tattoo

7) [M&M] Body Shop

8) Fuzion Fashions

9) .:: Gotcha Designs ::..

10) cacao

11) Glare

12) *TuttiFrutti*

13) LuAll Designs 

14) ~*marret*~

15) Hairy Situations