Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

News from Blue Blood!

 +++BLUE BLOOD+++ releases Adele

a versatile piece that can either be worn as gown, lolita dress or even lingerie, and even within those options you'll find several different styles to miss and match it =)
The textures are tp quality, hand drawn and painted, deep and rich, and the overall look of the outfit is both realistic and romantic.

Remember group members have access to the group only color (monochrome black) plus 50% discount on the purchase of the fatpack <3

+++BLUE BLOOD+++ releases Tahiti, 

a set of classic gothic lolita dresses that are not only elegant but also vibrant and sexy. Each part of the overall dress can be worn as a separate piece, which gives you not only many combinations within the same outfit, but also with other outfits of your choice. The outfit also comes with an "all in one" layer in case you want to combine the whole thing with another outfit you may have in mind!
The textures have been hand drawn and painted, with vibrant live colors and deep rich patterns.

thanks very much :)