Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Fungus Snail Trail Quest.... :))

A small society of people once inhabited the island of Fungus. For years they lead simple, yet rewarding lives on the rich purple grasslands under the shade of giant mushrooms.

As the years went on more and more of the younger generations, unsatisfied by the quiet pace of life Fungus had to offer, left for other shores.

Now all that remains are empty homes, and a mystery.
Why is the ecosystem of Fungus suddenly failing?

A recent visitor to the island, a scientist by the name of Dr. Sally Milbanks, had a theory. During her studies she discovered various secret entrances and strange writings. All of which pointed to evidence that the previous society had a long tradition of maintaining the ecosystem. And in various depictions she discovered a correlation between the giant tree (who's root system spans the entire island), and snails!?

Unfortunately the scientist's grant ran out before she could conclude her work.
But maybe exploring her residence will still yield some clues.
While she was here she stayed in a house on top of a huge mushroom, over by the giant tree on the mountain.
Good luck!

Ross Myhre

( thanks very much Ross :)

am Start findet ihr die HUD

 achtet auf die Bilder am Boden!

findet die 5 Sterne gefüllt mit tollen Preisen!

*g* Ein Spiel das etwas Geduld braucht 

dieser Schneckenhelm wird benötigt *lächel*

werft eure Münze ein ;)

 ENDE!! :)(:

hier noch ein paar Preise:

und wenn ihr Lust habt, kickt mich von der Liste *g*