Montag, 16. Mai 2011

News from Blue Blood!

hi <3 
I'm so happy to announce +++BLUE BLOOD+++ has just released 3 new makeup sets. They are all hand painted and very dramatic and adorable. Here you can see the ad picture fo each set, plus a closeup picture (if when you open it it's small just drag the corner and make it bigger so you can see the makeup in detail.

Each makeup comes either in several colors or options/combinations

Today +++BLUE BLOOD+++ releases the Agostina dresses line in its White Gothic (WG) colors. The dresses are hand drawn as her predecessors, with great care and attention to detail.

The look you can achieve with these is majorly cute. The set includes 2 sculpted skirts (different legths), and all the clothing comes in all possible clothing layers. For easier wearing of the outfit, the extra layers now come boxed apart, so if you need to just wear the folder, you can.

Remember that all group members have access to the group only colors (WG CREAM this week) plus 50% off the price of ALL fatpacks!!!

Thanks! very much, gani :)