Samstag, 13. November 2010

Grand Re-Opening Bublee Bing and Bertha's Little World

Hello, all,

I'm happy to announce, that Bublee Bing has re-opened :-)
Bertha Botha (Bertha's Little World) and I have set two brand new shops for you.

For our re-opening, we prepared some SPECIALS for you:

I will slowly say GOOD BYE to some of my items.
I will set them for sale piece by piece, and will start with: 

the popular tied up shirts.
 Get a double pack for 50 L$

the corresponding skirts.
 Get a triple pack for 50 L$

 Loden Coats.
 Get it for 100 L$

A new FREEBIE is waiting for you.
BB - Ribbon Leggings - Fall

We're happy to present some NEW items

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