Freitag, 26. November 2010

Welcome to the Fashion Place Christmas Hunt!

Time has finally come for us to be part of this great hunt. We are so happy and excited for this venture and what this represents to all of us. We appreciate all the beautiful gifts that will be given out with so much love, caring and compassion by our vendors.

The Hunt will take place in Second Life at Fashion Place beginning December 01-December 24, 2010.
Starting point

You have the chance to find each day a gift from a designer at Fashion Place.
The bag is containing the gift only on the day that we have determined.

To join the Hunters Group, click on any Fashion Place Christmas Hunt poster or search for Serina Lacava Collection group and join for free.

Our participants are:
1st December        Hardbeat Fashion by Letitia Saenz
2nd December       MBMO
3rd December        !RIGHT
4th December       TrendStyle
5th December        SLC
6th December        LaRosa       
7th December        Extreme Bodywear
8th December        !! Xen Builds !! by Fiona Xenobuilder
9th December        NILS ISLAND STORE
10th December     Abia Capalini
11th December     Alyssa Bijoux
12th December      SLC
13th December      CdC Fashion deLuxe
14th December      Viviane Fashion
15th December       Jumpi Viertz
16th December       K2K Headquarter
17th December       TrendStyle
18th December       R&M Fashion
19th December       SLC
20th December       MBMO
21th December       Psy's Closet & Creations
22th December        !RIGHT
23th December       TrendStyle
24th December       SLC

Please watch the SLC-Fashion blog for more information and hints about the hunt:

Serina Lacava