Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Elvenbreath Weihnachtsgeschenk

Schaut aufs Bild und macht euch schnell auf und sucht den richtigen Schüssel dann kriegt ihr dieses tolle Outfit.

The Call from the Designer : 

Find the right key!

Next week i don´t have time, so i will send you now a NC with instructions and LM to our mainstore, to get your Xmas Gift!

You see in our store so much keys... i have loosed all, but only one key is the right! Buy this key for 0 Linden and so you will get our Xmas gift! It´s a wonderful Elvendress!


Sorry, Dear men... i dont have a gift for you but i have a promise for you!
So much Elvenmen are asking for dresses. I will make MenDresses next year!
I hope you will like it! Is this a little gift for you? :)

Next week i will make also all red Dresses for Elven to 50%.

I wish all my members of the Elvenbreathgroup a wonderful Christmastime and a good start in the next year!

I love you all and i hope we see us!


Your Selina and Lublu!