Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Merry Christmas ...

Dear friends, 

it´s the night before christmas
not a creature moves or stirs
all is quiet and asleep but
the sound of a sleigh is heard.
Dashing through the sky
comes Santa and his reindeer
carrying with him my wishes for you
for joy, laughter and good cheer.

Its the night of christmas eve
time to have faith and believe
and to wish a dear fried like you
a holly, jolly and merry time too.

To your world ... light...
to your heart ... warmth...
to your soul ... joy...
May this christmas bless you and your family
with all thats beautiful and pure!

...Never end a wish
without whispering ..."I believe"...
... and make the new year * 2011 *
your dream - come - true - year... 

Take good care all of you...