Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Outlaws and Bandits Hunt 1st - 20th December 2010

There are quite a few Wild West Roleplay sims out there to explore 
in Second Life. How hard is it to find clothing that works for these places, 
that are 19th century appropriate? Even want to be the outlaw 
or bandit who robs the citizens and common folk,
 but doesn't want to look in their Sunday best while doing it? 

We've got some great stores and designers coming up with items
 just for this hunt! Check out the blogspot listing to see all
 of the current participating stores!

Look for a shiny bullet for the object you are hunting for! 

Some of the gifts:

01 - Chair with poses - MudHoney
04 - Outfit "Wanted" . Rag Dollz
12 - Masks - PA Designe

07 - Devils Den Bandit Hideout - emPathy

02 - Cowboy hat - <3 Heart of Gould <3